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Meet Sofianna


The company is owned by me, Sofianna, who loves spreading joy to others. I am very busy & responsible teenager who attends high school during the day and run my business after school. I have stated the business with my brother, while we both were attending high school.

Our parents encouraged and helped us create our own operation in effort to help us learn about business, a skill set, that will serve us for the rest of our lives.

My brother have recently joined the United States Air Force. I miss him a lot, but he has encouraged me to continue with the business that we started and ran together as business parters. In his absence I have asked my mom to help me assist in the business. She will be stepping in for Brian until his safe return for the 4 years of protecting our country. I will keep bringing HAPPINESS and JOY to OUR COMMUNITY!


"My son’s birthday was this weekend and we had Yard Card Experts come and do our yard sign. Highly Recommend!"

  • Patricia B. (Mom of Aidan)

"Thank you so much for the yard Card Signs. They were honestly really cool, and it was such a good surprise. I really enjoyed it and I hope your business does well. I think it’s a really creative and fun thing to do especially now because of Covid. Thank You for setting it up and picking it up too. I loved it. Thank You again. :)"

  • Jazmin A. (Teenager)

"Tommy LOVED IT. Never seen him smile so much- thank you for all you did!! It looks Amazing !! "

  • Gina (Friend)

"You did such a beautiful work, my sister will absolutely love it! Thank you so much for your promptness, professionalism and care."

  • Martha (Sister)

"An idea for closing gift that’s great for both buyers and sellers. Yard Card display for 24 hours. Sellers love the photo for sentimental value, buyers will be ecstatic when they get the keys. I’m in central NJ and used the Yard Card Experts."

  • Judy Cser (Real Estate Agent)

"Wonderful, reliable, creative, professional, caring, punctual team of workers! Thank you for your amazing work!"

  • redondo7567 (Sister)


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